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Analysis on Competition Pattern of China Automotive Heat Exchanger Industry

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For a long time, the overall competition situation of the automobile heat exchanger industry in China is mainly reflected in the competition between the heat exchanger manufacturers of automobile group and the specialized heat exchanger manufacturers. The heat exchanger manufacturing enterprises affiliated to domestic automobile groups mainly include: Shanghai Beier Thermal System Co., Ltd. (belonging to Shanghai Automobile Industry Company), Fuao Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. (belonging to FAW Group), Dongfeng Beier Thermal System Co., Ltd. (belonging to Dongfeng Automobile Group) and other enterprises. Considering the interests of the group, most of these enterprises can obtain partial stability from within the group. Order. Another part of enterprises, such as our company, Shandong Houfeng Automotive Radiator Co., Ltd., Weifang Heng'an Radiator Group Co., Ltd. and other professional radiator manufacturers, mainly rely on their own product quality, technical strength, cost advantages and service advantages to occupy a certain market share in the market competition.

However, with the transfer of global automobile industry and the gradual maturity of automobile manufacturing division of labor system, this competition pattern has been gradually broken in recent years. The complete market competition situation has initially taken shape. More and more professional radiator manufacturers are seizing the share of affiliated enterprises of automobile group. For example, the company has become the supplier of FAW Liberation.

With the intensification of competition, the domestic automotive radiator product market has also appeared differentiation. In the car market, because most of the models are imported by joint venture manufacturers and the product design is finalized, the professional design requirements for modular supply are not high, and most of them are occupied by joint venture radiator manufacturers affiliated to automobile groups; in the passenger car market with small displacement, especially in the micro-car market, the product models are updated rapidly, and the domestic self-designed models account for the main proportion, so they are matched. The radiator manufacturers have higher requirements, and must have modular supply capacity and supporting technology research and development capabilities. Domestic professional radiator manufacturers have market advantages and occupy most of the market share. With the gradual increase of domestic car self-designed models, professional radiator manufacturers have entered the field, and will continue to expand the field relying on their own technical advantages. Market share.
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