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Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in Chemical Enterprises

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Tube heat exchanger was used in ammonia synthesis industry in the past, but due to the unique advantages of plate heat exchanger, such as high heat transfer efficiency, small occupancy space, convenient maintenance, energy saving, low cost, etc., it is becoming more and more popular in ammonia synthesis industry. Heat exchangers are mainly used in the following positions:

1. Copper liquid water cooler and copper liquid ammonia cooler
The heat transfer effect of plate heat exchanger is much better than that of tubular heat exchanger, so the cooling effect is also very good, which can save a lot of water, and the volume of heat exchanger is small, which is very suitable for working conditions with space requirements.

2. Compressor oil cooler
Plate heat exchanger is also suitable for oil cooling. It has better cooling effect than tubular heat exchanger. It has high safety and easy maintenance. Generally compressor will be equipped with a plate heat exchanger, for heat exchange oil cooling, energy saving and safety.

3. Ammonia Water Heat Exchanger of Ice Machine
Traditional ammonia water absorption refrigeration system has many parts, large volume, consumable materials and low energy efficiency. The use of plate heat exchanger can simplify the system, improve energy efficiency, save a lot of space and save costs.

4. Lean liquid cooler and ammonia water cooler
According to its heat transfer effect and pressure withstanding degree, the first choice is plate heat exchanger. Its design pressure can withstand 4.5 MPa. The heat transfer effect is also due to other heat exchangers, and the utilization rate of materials is as high as 95%. Besides, there are other advantages, such as small size, convenient maintenance and low price, which are more and more popular in fertilizer enterprises.
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