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The Growth of Industrial Heat Exchanger Industry in China is Stable

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In recent years, the low-end products of the international heat exchanger industry continue to transfer to Asian countries, and China is one of the important markets.

At present, developed countries in Europe and the United States pay more attention to the high-end plate heat exchangers. They have gradually withdrawn from the production of shell and tube heat exchangers for pressure vessels. The focus of production of shell and tube heat exchangers in the world has gradually shifted to Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, India and China. However, in the world, the competitiveness of various plate heat exchangers is gradually increasing. In terms of development prospects, although shell-and-tube heat exchangers are still dominant at present, the prospects of plate heat exchangers are promising.

China's industrial heat exchanger industry has grown steadily. China's 100 million US dollars GDP consumes far more energy than developed countries, and the task of energy conservation and consumption reduction in the industrial field is urgent and arduous. At present, the industrial cooling water consumption accounts for about 80% of the total industrial water consumption, and the water intake accounts for 30% to 40% of the total industrial water intake. Heat exchanger equipment is a major energy and water consuming industry. According to statistics, energy consumption of heat exchanger equipment accounts for 13-15% of industrial energy consumption. In order to improve social efficiency, China has recently implemented policies such as resource saving and cleaner production, greatly increasing the application requirements of efficient, water-saving, energy-saving and environment-friendly cooling (condensation) equipment in the industrial field. It also puts forward requirements for technical upgrading of heat exchangers.

In the field of heat exchangers, there is still room for improvement in the traditional water-cooling, air-cooling and evaporative cooling modes. Compound coolers have many advantages, which make them have broad prospects.

Compound cooling (condensation) method can use air-cooled, evaporative, water-cooled and other basic cooling modes for combined heat transfer and cooling, and obtain the best cooling (condensation) effect with environmental changes, while reducing the consumption of water, electricity and other resources. For example, Longhua Heat Transfer Company's high-efficiency composite cooler is superior to the traditional water-cooled equipment in all aspects. It has incomparable advantages over the traditional water-cooled equipment and is expected to gradually replace the traditional water-cooled equipment at low cost.
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